Dr Csiszár Katalin és Dr. Malcom Charles Boyd

My wife and I recently moved from the U.S. to Szeged and as part of our active retirement joined Maros Fitt Park. Almost immediately, we met Gabor and we were impressed with his quiet, sensitive and friendly manner and the positive way in which he interacted with everyone, so we asked him if he would help us to establish a training routine.  He agreed and within just just a few lessons, Gabor designed fitness regimes tailored to each of us, exercises that were both varied and challenging without being overwhelming, yet demanding with a sensitivity that allowed us to end each and every lesson with a feeling of real accomplishment.  

From our initial expectation that we needed help to develop a fitness plan to a realization that Gabor’s training was indispensable to our current progress and our long-term fitness goals, we unreservedly endorse Gabor’s considerable skill as a personal trainer and look forward to a continuing professional relationship with him in the years to come.